Provisional Regulations

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Provisional Regulations

Based on the proposal of a group of official NGO-UNESCO partners

A Celebration of the 2024 International Day of Peace Sharing Dance for Peace

The goal of ‘Sharing Dance for Peace” is to create an international dynamic of dance for peace. The dance groups relayed by our NGOs worldwide agree to participate in celebrating the 2024 International Day of Peace at local, national, regional and international levels. Each NGO that wishes to participate in this event is responsible for its choices, its creation, its choreography and/or its interpretation, with due respect for the rights of authors and the values mentioned in the presentation note. To that end, each NGO  will:
 - a choreography on the theme of dance and peace (eg. flashmob or any other form of corporal expression), photograph and register it in a digital format (video)
-a high definition photo, taken during the dance
-  a teaser of two minutes
- digital links to a video
*commit to organize  an event on the day of the celebration  of  the International Day of Peace (21 September) as part of a program of celebration to interpret the creation locally to participate in a moment of reflection (to exchange and debate), organize an exhibition and/or a video-conference that includes all the participants. The local events that are taped and uploaded will be posted on the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee website and on social media; the events could  be presented live or as  a video montage during the  day of celebration of the 2024 International Day of Peace. A traveling exhibit of photos and videos could be organized, pending support and availability of venue . The photos and the recordings should be uploaded onto the site before April 30, 2024 (after registering by 31 December 2023 at the latest).